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How do I walk In the Free Gift of Forgiveness?

How easy is this to walk in after pain!

Left alone, her mind is shaken as well as her body! “What just happened?

She could not wrap her head around what just took place. The courtyard was now empty except for the regular business of the day.

She was not alone. The other Man was still tracing his finger in the dirt. She questioned the simple gentleness about Him. Recent events with another gentle looking man now cause her very heart to ache. How could she ever trust a man again? The Pharisee’s son gave her gentleness, but it was a lie. Is this the way of ALL MEN? LIFE!!!???

—–Craziness, uncertainty—-

Jesus stood. He cleaned the dirt from His hands for her sake, not because He would be touching her. He reached out His hand. He looked into her eyes with no malice or avarice. This was  more frightening than being grabbed and dragged into the town’s square. This man looked past her eyes and into her soul.

There was always the pain of shame. Now came a deeper pain

It was from the time spent with the Pharisee’s son.

She felt un-forgiveness toward him. His lies. His deceit.  His cowardice to protect her.

It was deeper rejection. This pain was new and frightfully disturbing. The multiple men using her had never really taken a portion of her heart.

The last one did. The pain riddling inside her body coursed its way through her veins. It was un- forgiveness. For the first time, she felt un-forgivness for herself. How many times had she allowed the purity of love to be stolen from her?  Or had she allowed it to be taken from her only to fill a void? Either way, she began to feel a deep angst toward herself and her life. Could she ever feel complete? Whole?! Free?!?

Jesus  did not leave her. He was the only man, the only person who had shown honest gentleness and true compassion. Everyone demanded something.  Even the son of the Pharisee was used her.

“What do you want?” she asked. Her voice was timid, although still needing to show a trace of defiance, a trace of control.

Jesus turned His head as if looking for something and smiled.

“Woman, where are they? Does no one condemn you?”

11 “No one, Master.”

                                                                                            John 8:10

Jesus knew the pain in her heart. Jesus knew all the ways she had been torn apart. Jesus knew she would be stuck in her torment forever looking at men as walking creatures to lie and cause pain if she did not quit sinning. To stop sinning and be released meant to forgive herself and all involved.

Jesus looked into her eyes as no one had ever looked before.

                  “Neither do I,” said Jesus. “Go on your way. From now on, don’t sin.”

John 8:11

This Man was offering her a gift. A free gift. No one had done that before. It was a gift more wondrous than the fine robes Solomon ever wore. She had a choice to say yes or no.  Once she said yes, it was a gift no one could ever take away from her. The warmth and balm  of this gift would release her from the pain and emptiness trying to suffocate her life. Not always easy, but never to be taken from her.


Do you hear His Voice whispering to you? Is He looking into you heart where no one else sees? Forgiveness is so hard. We are not on this path alone.

   The revelation of God is whole

   and pulls our lives together.

The signposts of God are clear

   and pulls our lives together.

The signposts of God are clear

   and point out the right road.

The life-maps of God are right,

   showing the way to joy.

The directions of God are plain

   and easy on the eyes.

   with a lifetime guarantee.

The decisions of God are accurate

   down to the nth degree.

                                                                                             MSG. 19 :7-9

That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, melting ice, scorching deserts,warming hearts to faith. – Psalm 19:6


The woman caught in adultery had been set free. Through the question put to her accusers, no one could throw a stone.

The conversation with THE MASTER  gave this woman a new lens to look at the world. Something will be there for a long time. Scars. Scars that no one will see. These scars will take more time to heal. These are the inner wounds that come from deep tragedies. Each time the woman looks at her reflection, even though she knows she is a new creation, it may take time for that reality to sink deep into each crevice of her being.  Each time she goes to get water from the well, hoping for conversations that includes her and she only receives dark stares, the question returns.   “ Did The Teacher Really say I was not condemned?”

The final few days of the Lenten Season and for many of my friends means the end of the DOES GOD REALLY LOVE ME? series. 1 will be upon us. Easter and New Life Celebration will begin.

The woman was given new life. We are have been given new life. It is not a flip switch change. It is a daily discovery of who we are and the Identity God has freed.

How is this being walked out in your creativity? Is your new identity a daily experience or at times a question mark? We are all on this journey together to help each other along. If you wish to share , leave a comment .or join my Facebook page for prayer and discussion. https://www.facebook.com/worshipcreatedream/

1Thank you Vineyard Church for the great meditation series this Lenten Season.


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God’s Word Vaults

¹That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset,Melting ice, scorching deserts,warming hearts to faith. – Psalm 19:6 MSG




During this present Lenten season, our church is going through a workbook series as a whole – DOES GOD REALLY LOVE YOU?¹ It is a very intense  walk giving us an opportunity to bring the Word of God into the reality  of  who we are. Can we embrace our true identity?  God is reaching out for intimacy with His children.

Can you answer this question in quiet peace? “Does God Even Like Me?”

When we read the scriptures, and we are quite mandatory about it, the accomplishment can become more of a “to do” activity.  Cross it off your list and get to the next activity for the day.  If you  read in that fashion, it is very difficult to answer the question “Does God Really Love Me”? because the only things brought away from the text are 1. what to do or 2. what not to do.

 Do you remember a time you even read the bible to gain an intimate connection to His love being offered? Was there a sweet aroma, a gentle touch of His acceptance.?

This is a two part fictional adaptation of the WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY (John 8 1-11) Read slowly. What character attracts you the most? The woman? An observer? An accuser?

The night  was calm and  sweet. Peacefully lying in the strong arms of a man who showed her tenderness, she felt safe. This man seemed — different.   Not like others before with their ugly breath, horrid eyes and single desire.

She longed to be delivered from the gross life previously surrounding her nights. Days no longer existed. Sunlight brought no joy. Shame labelled all  her clothing.

This man came to her secretly, but gently. The past few nights brought a delightful-sens.  Could he actually feel something for her? Did she have more purpose than that of a woman’s body?

                                       Restful sleep came upon her.


 Without warning, temple guards crashed into the house. Sun’s rays peeled through the window. Fear consumed her body although she felt he would be near for protection.   She reached over to feel the mat’s other side.

It was empty!

With anxious questions, she thought,   “ Why are the sheets disheveled and the bed  still warm? He was just here.  Where was he?”

Looking around,  no one was in sight to stand between her and these angry, hateful men.

Instinctively she grabbed the bedclothes as she was yanked from the room. In pain and disillusionment, tears running down her cheeks, she faced the self-righteous crowd in the courtyard.

The  hideous mockery swirled in rude contrast to the peaceful quiet night she just experienced. Inside she hoped her lover would still come to her rescue. Glaring rays from the sun. Noise. Confusion.

“Surely he won’t allow the legal punishment to be carried out against me.”

Clutching the sheets  to cover her shame, she was dropped  before the temple leaders. In the mental, emotional, turmoil, she could make out the out the forms of two men.  Her life would be changed forever by the  actions of each.

One of the two men standing in the crowd she recognized from last night.   Will he speak up in her defense? Will he express concern? Will he show the tender care his words and actions gave in the evenings before.? Their eyes met. He quickly turned away.

The chaotic noise  from the crowd slowly faded away.  More agony gripped her as she realized the man who turned his gaze was the son of the Pharisee Leader. Standing next to her loudest accuser was the one she had given her very soul the nights before.

“Please God,  “ she cried silently to heaven, ” if You exist, may the first rock finish me.  The pain in my heart has killed me already. “

“What is taking so long?  Waiting for the discussion is far  worse than the sentence itself.”


4“Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women.Now what do you say?”

                                                                                                    John 8:4 NIV

Who was  this other man?  His eyes were kind. His face was gentle. There was truth all around Him.  He stood and looked at her so differently than any other  man.

“This Teacher can’t come closer to me. He knows what I am. He will become unclean.   Who is He?”

Bending over very quietly, He scribbled in the sand.

The Pharisees continued their pestering questions.  On and On!!  Finally the Man stopped His scribbling. Without anger or malice, He stood up and proposed a simple statement:

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”

                                                                                                     John 8:7 NIV

He returned to the ground and his scribbling.

The seconds felt like hours as she shook beneath her cloth protection, waiting for the first rock. The only sounds were the swish of His finger on the sand and the heavy breathing of men.


Rocks were slowly falling around her. Feet shuffled  away.

Angrily looking around, the Chief Pharisee  watched  the rest of the accusers shake their heads and drop rocks.  Grabbing his robe to keep his cleanliness intact,  the loudest accuser turned to leave the scene. With an angry grunt, and eyes blazing, he demanded his son to follow.

The young man responded. As his eyes met hers, there was no love, no concern, no care. Just a look. Hearing another urgent word  from his father, the son walked.

Left alone, she couldn’t comprehend what took  place?

End  of part one!


Do you walk through life in fear and loneliness with the conclusion EVERYONE is out to get you?  This woman’s life was in constant fear. Her life was crippled by the choices she made. Looked for love in all the wrong places. Even when thinking she found it, it was not “well formed love




There is no room 2


God’s love does not work in that fashion.

That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, Melting ice, scorching deserts,warming hearts to faith. – Psalm 19:6












1 Reference is to book used by Duluth Vineyard Church https://www.facebook.com/theduluthvineyardchurch/ (Does God Really Love Me?) Vineyard Resourses 2016.




In recent posts I have  challenged your creativity?

These were three posts posing the question: WHY CREATE?

in the first place?

As you read the blogs, I hope more than one issue came to mind. Two  definitions of “ to create” as per the dictionary are as follows:

  1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

            2. to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.


Now comes another step in your creative process.


I put these next queries to  free your inner being so you can create from a deeper level. They are not to be taken lightly or answered quickly. They may sound similar to a previous post, if you have read earlier posts. If you are brand new to this page, then it will be a first approach. Either way, please allow yourself to  dwell upon each question and actually write your answers downs as they come.

  • Who are you creating for? (Maybe the proper grammar should be: for whom are you creating?)
  • What are you creating for?
  • Did God put a cause in your heart at one time but you did not know how creativity and art could connect? (Righteousness, trafficking, church planting, abuse, art and faith?)
  • Is justice for a certain group of people crying out to be heard, but can you  express what you hear through art? Your intent is not to anger, but to challenge.
  • You know God calls us to serve, but creating is your passion. How can You express Your heart through the passion God has given you and serve at the same time?
  • Time?!?!?! Do you search out time to spend with God? Do you seek His heart for the the inspiration to create? Do you listen to express as He calls you to create? Is there obedience to His voice in life and art?IMG_2677

As artists, we draw out truth, we live truth. That is where we have the freedom to create. As artists with a relationship with Jesus,  we are able to not only have an honest, intimate connection with Jesus; we can express that relationship through our art in truth. We are also called to serve. We are able to take this reality to a world defined by another signature. The world needs to know a deeper truth. Art that touches the soul, and is lived out by the artist speaks volumes.  Jpeg

This will not come automatically.

  • Knowing who you are IN HIM will bring you a freedom to create.
  • Developing the creativity He has called you into will bring you a freedom to create.
  • Living in a community that loves supports and pursues the Heart of God can bring you freedom to create.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection or what is happening in the world. This may open a door to your freedom to create.



We are given the FREEDOM TO CREATE.Be free to worship as you were created

You are welcome to share your challenges or your thoughts on how creativity/art can positively affect bringing the reality of Jesus to a world in turmoil.  This is a page to encourage the artists in their spiritual walk (contemplation and meditation).









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Great Way To Start The Day

Taken from the series we are doing at our church.
This is a great way for any artist to create out of the certainty of how she answers this question.

After a very long hiatus, I want  to step back into the arena of connecting with creatives, artists, and writers. I am inviting all who are as Emily P. Freeman refers to in her book a million little waysuncovering “the art you were made to live to tap into this blog for encouragement on their spiritual walk.

The long distant break was more of a time of discovery for me. How can I create the art I enjoy and connect it with the readers I hope to find.? What has God shared about His love for me? God has a very deep love for the art He is constantly expressing. That art is YOU That art is me.

The Lord Delights in sharing His Heart in and thru You!

I have an INTENSE question for you to consider.

Where does God fit into your creativity?

Do you ask God into your artistry?

Every item you put on paper, on canvas, on screen, before an audience of one or one thousand represents THE CREATOR. The items you present will express the ongoing relationship you have with The CREATOR, the One who gave you that gift in the first place. 🙂

I will encourage and challenge you to bring God into the center of your creativity. During most of the posts, I will invite you to take time and meditate on content. This is not limited to those artists who only specialize in what is considered “sacred” art. If you are a faith-based creative, you NEED His Love and Encouragement no matter what is flowing from you. I will go into more detail into a later a later post

Presently I will finish out the Lenten Season with items asking you how you bring the deep, undeniable love God has for you into you daily life and your creativity. The choice He made to take all of your sins, my sins upon His sinless body so we could enjoy freedom.

Praise the LORD, my soul ….. who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s

Psalm 103:5

Thank you for joining me in this adventure. I have a Facebook Creative and Artists Devotional as well as a personal Facebook. All three of these areas are for you to express your artistic walk. We are all on this journey together.

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Fluffy clouds, Warm sunshine. The children are napping or possibly in school. Maybe there are no children at home. Maybe you are at an age when as an empty nester, the house seems quieter and your time is more your own.  A slight breeze is wafting through an open window.  Your favorite beverage is sitting next to you on an uncluttered stand. The gentle aroma of a sweet cinnamon candle is slowly burning.   Your computer is open or the blank sheet is laying bare, ready for the next fantastic creative notion to flow and ————

Enjoy the day outdoorsimg_3295

          WHAT HAPPENED?


That’s right. You look at your page or screen with a blank stare on your face. Picture one of these:

  • A scrunched nose with eyes staring into the sky looking for inspiration.
  • Pursed lips with eyes roaming back and forth as if searching the room for a clue.
  • The pen tapping on the empty page for a secret code you are trying to understand.
  • A cocked head leaning on a raised hand gazing past the windows, hoping a word will pop into your head getting the creation on a role.

Ah the life of a writer!

Why do we put ourselves through this type of endeavor over and over?  Isn’t there an activity, a pastime to keep us occupied which would be less agonizing, frustrating?


 As a writer, there is something inside which says we are to at least try to put pen to paper, tap words on the screen. It is our duty. An inner calling. We must express.

Does agony rise up when all is prepared and there is absolutely nothing inside to flow.  An emotional trauma has sideswiped the words right out of you. Can there be other unknown reasons  your regular word stream has met a dam?

You have crashed and burned with nothing coming out.

Can you still celebrate when you can’t write?

This is the time to be part of a writer’s small group. I belong to two. One is a small group at our church called the :

  Duluth Vineyard Writers’ Studio

I also belong to an online writer’s group :  hope writers¹


There is a difference between only reading about a situation and being surrounded by people with a similar vision wanting to help me succeed.  The main goal in the two group I belong to is to create and help each other use the gifts God has put inside us.

Even though both groups have a different approach,  if there are  problems and the words for creating will not come, the doors to the inner barrier are gently met,  with support and encouragement and if wanted, prayer.

Can you celebrate in who you are even when no words come to the surface?

No words are coming!  I claim to be a writer!  If I cannot write, who am I?

As a Type 4 in the Enneagram, I am given to a wide range of emotions.   Can I celebrate who I am as a Child of God when words are not coming to the surface?  Type 4’s have a  Primary fear of being unnoticed.2  If the words do not flow, or the outcome does not reach an expected bar,  can I still celebrate in who I am?  If I have nothing to write, what will I have to post?  If I don’t post, how will I get read? If I don’t get read, I will be unnoticed. A vicious cycle.

To add to the emotional battle there can be SHAME. As a Christian writer, there seems to be this idea stating :

I have to have it all together.  I am the author people are reading and looking to for guidance.

If there are no words, there must be something wrong with me. I am not doing what I am suppose to, but who can I tell?  😦

Writing is truly a community effort.  If these little lies, (yes, the previous statements are lies) make so much noise yelling at how bad a writer I am, I also hear the words ” you are a  bad person”.  I am surrounded by friends who know me  I  have been really honest in my fear. I  am secure enough to share my dreams. They in turn are authentic with  support and guidance and prayer in my time of uncertainty.  It is the care I need keep me going in a healthy manner.

These are the words I hear and  can celebrate:

You are  a Child of God- He made you  a Creator.

              You are a Child of God- He made up a Writer.

                             You are a Child of God.

                                     Can you celebrate in you when you cannot write?

Be free to create.

Reading and researching gives helpful tools on this journey. Realizing experienced authors go through the same pain and frustration you are going through. It can help you feel less isolated in your battle.  (here is a list of my personal favorite right now: Emily Freeman, Luci Shaw, Ann Voskamp, Madeliene L’Engle and Anne Lamott).

Do not make your writing a Lone Ranger affair. There are many personal ways of support to help you celebrate in you when you can’t find the words.

This blog is meant as one of those places. I would like you to feel this is  a place for you to share thoughts, dreams and hopes for your creating.  I do not have all the answer, but I can encourage you to follow your dreams as I am following mine.












2    Marylin Vancil, Self to Lose Self to Find  ( A Biblical Approach to the 9 Enneagram Types),  (Enumclaw, WA: Redemption Press, 2016), 104.

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The Joy of The Lord is Your Strength.

Come and dance wth Rose 3

 Chaos bounces from place to place , with no respecter of persons as it destroys and  takes it’s victims. How can one celebrate? Does creativity truly and  honestly  reflect hope when surrounded in a shroud of hopelessness?

If you create with paint or  in clay, how would you express the scene from this book in Nehemiah from the Old Testament?

The Law of Moses had just been read by Ezra the High Priest to the Israelite people.  The Temple wall was was rebuilt. It was a joyful time of celebration. New Beginnings. The Jewish people were in exile for 70 years. No physical or spiritual connection to God.  Their temple was destroyed. They felt abandoned. They painfully  knew previous choices from their ancestors caused there own abandonment.

 Finally, a long awaited physical connection of the reconstructed wall was completed. A spiritual connection was attempted in reading the Sacred Texts. The initial response was not filled with joy.

 “ He read it aloud from daybreak till noon as he faced the square”…Ezra read the Law of Moses.

How could they rejoice? So many laws to keep and they felt so weak.   Depression, despair and dejection covered them like a blanket, questioning how to respond.

Nehemiah (the governor)  and Ezra would have none of this. They heard the same words  but their hearts received  something far different. God was not giving His people simply a set of mere rules to follow.  These were tools to create a connection for building intimacy. This intimacy would go from people to people and from His people and Himself.

Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  Nehemiah 8:10

12 Then all the people went away to eat and drink, to send portions of food and to celebrate with great joy, because they now understood the words that had been made known to them. (NIV)

Nehemiah and Ezra knew, this people would never be able to accomplish the requirements  on their own. That did not stop Nehemiah from going forward. He commanded this day to be one of celebration. Was the governor being heartless, uncaring? No!  Nehemiah stated truth:

“Do not grieve for



As the Jews embraced the reality of their freedom from the burden of carrying the law on their shoulders, they received joy.  They understood it was not in themselves where their strength was found  but in the strength of the Creator of the Universe and His Joy over them.

Read verse 12 again to understand why they were able to have joy and to celebrate after hearing the Law.

12 Then all the people went away to eat and drink, to send portions of food and to celebrate with great joy, because they now understood the words that had been made known to them.


Celebration does not always come easily. The discipline of celebration is not always going out participating in a big party.  Celebration is hard work at times. Celebration may be  an inner discovery instead of an outer activity.  Life does not always hand you a bowlful of cherries to enjoy. What happens if while eating the cherries, you come across a pit? How do you respond? Celebrate and Dance

How can a person be joyful in a pain-filled world..”

This became an honest question for a fellow creative. She suffered a hairline fracture in her wrist which caused not only extreme physical pain, but also emotional chaos. It was a time when  she was stepping into a season of creative classes and personal growth. Suddenly the tiny super ball of chaos started zinging back and forth in her life.  Celebration and Worship! HOW?  Just as the Jews questioned Nehemiah when the LAW was  read to them, my friend had the same questions when this happened to her wrist?

How did my friend cope?



As my friend went to God with her pain, she said “Yes” to worship. The  “Yes” to worship allowed her to receive the Joy of the Lord to be her strength.

The result was worship and celebration in  this beautiful painting.Normas artwork.

“Worshiping with art seriously is therapy for pain-physically or pain of the soul”¹

Come Celebrate and dance. To celebrate causes you to take a step beyond where you might be and engage deeper into where you can be. The strength of Creator of the Universe and His Joy over you is your strength.



Are you experiencing a physical or emotional burden?

                       Are you willing to take a chance to celebrate and dance?

Did you see artwork from the story in Nehemiah as a people finding it easy or difficult to worship?

        Can you take the time to create their fear or express their joy?

Where do you go for strength in your time of pain?

Who is your strength?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment line concerning  your journey.  We are all on this path together.












¹Quote from my friend concerning what God is doing in her through worship and creativity.

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You will never understand but come celebrate and dance.


Ecclesiastes 11:5

The Message (MSG)

5 Just as you’ll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman
 So you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does.
Today, there are many scientific breakthroughs making this mystery a bit less mysterious. Cell discovery and genetics give information that were beyond an unheard concept to the writer of Ecclesiastes. Even so, with the knowledge we presently have, the depth, the reality of a living child growing inside of her mother carries a living mystery.
Does it seem frustrating or daunting to think you will
never understand the mystery at work that God does?
 —Why even try ?
I have better things to think about. (BE CONCERNED WITH!)
  •  My Job
  • My Children
  • My Spouse
  • My Health
If you are a creative person, your mind is filled with tantalizing dreams inside just waiting to be released. You are excited. Or are you hounded with deadlines? Either way, realistically,  how can you give yourself time and space, to engage in an activity that may not further your DOING?
The Creator of the Universe is God so it is impossible to understand all that He is.
The truth is, The Creator, God  reaches out His hand to you to join Him in the dance of life. Do you as a creative artist take time to be fed?  Even when your posts do not have a Christian based theme Dallas Willard expresses you have a need. Your soul requires nourishment.
Dallas willard photo.
Your soul is the very center of your being. To thrive, you need to engage in the center of life which is God. How can you do this among all your other activities?
You can engage in the wonderful mystery, as you;
  • Choose to slow down,
  • Trust
  • Walk the path God has chosen,
  • Become present in the person God calls you to be.
7-8a Oh, how sweet the light of day, And how wonderful to live in the sunshine! Even if you live a long time, don’t take a single day for granted. Take delight in each light-filled hour. Ecclesiastes 11 MSG

so you will never understand

But He says come join in the dance!

Celebration, Meditation, Solitude.

These are just a few of the many disciplines  to join in the dance.  I am presently on a journey to discover how the Discipline of  Celebration is expanding my intimacy with God.  Discovering how God is breaking the chains and setting me free will be at the heart of the posts because that is my heart for you.



Join me in the dance. How are you being set free? I have a Facebook Page  you are welcome to join for questions and comments as well. You can  leave a comment or question here if you want.

Remember, we are all on this creative journey together.










I am celebrating the snow is gone. Don’t I look happy? 🙂