Worship, Create, Dream

Be free to Worship God. Create with abandonement because He is the Creator. Let's discover our Dreams together.


Looking into the sky with anticipation. God what do you have in store for me?

Looking into the sky. Father God,  what do you have in store for me?

Greetings. This adorable little cutie  typifies me looking into the future with wide-eyed anticipation.

I want to give you a look into the person writing This blog. Yes I capitalized ” This” on purpose. Many people write blogs. What will be different about This blog?  My blog reflects  fruits inspired  from other writers, (Ann VosKamp, emily p. freeman and Renee Swope.). Not to copy but I used them as mentors in my own way.   I am also calling upon the  experiences in my walk with God. What it is like to listen to God’s Heart?

I want to create  through photos, prose, stories, poems, devotions  in a way that  will invite you the reader to want to listen to God’s Heart for yourself and for your own adventure.

My life has not been in the realm of the norm. But if you go deep maybe I will draw out of you, that we all walk in the absence of the norm. How it is handled will bring freedom or bondage.

I had rheumatic fever when I was young (about 13) For basically three solid months the life of this early teenager was spent on a bed. My heart was too weak for me to move. Sleep was welcome. Books were my only adventures and friends.

It was here where I discovered the freedom of words and story.  I could run, play, and be whatever, whomever I wanted to be. My imagination took flight.

Physical recuperation finally flowed through my whole body.  I discovered another arena where I could express  “me” was music. I loved to sing.

I participated in all of the vocal groups. It was wonderful.  The harmonies, the touching of a person’s soul with a certain song.  It was sweet.

A very important life changing activity happened during the spring of my Senior Year in High School. At a TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) retreat in April, 1973,  my life was radically altered.

I was a good listener, but not listened to.  The problems came to me when an ear was needed, but I had no ear.  Everyone seemed to have  a place at the party. Everyone seemed to have fun at the party.  I was on the outside always looking in.  I enjoyed my spending time with my books,  but  the party went on without me.

The last evening, during the prayer time at the retreat,  I  looked into the eyes of a large painting by an artist named Richard Hook, which I named “The Smiling Jesus”.


Hook, Richard. Head of Christ.    Photo credit:http://www.tulsacursillo.org

A song by Simon and Garfunkel called “Bridge over Troubled Waters” was playing in the background. (This dates me.) All noise became a subtle din in the background. I looked at the face.  I looked into those eyes. They were beckoning to me, calling to me, “Come, Come.” as if they were reaching out to me.  Finally, I bent my head down. I said the words that I have repeated many times since then. “As long as I have You, I know I can make it”. I looked up, my eyes filled with tears. The eyes of the picture had changed. In fact the whole picture seemed to change. The face was now “Smiling!” Serious.

That was more than over 44 years ago

From that time on, my walk is asking God, what is His heart for me. I experienced an internal change. I am by no means perfect. I recognized I am part of a fantastic party though and I do not walk alone.  I look at the world through a different lens. I want to share what I am discovering.

I am discovering how God is so involved in freeing his Creatives to Worship Him in fantastic different ways. At first I was limited to worship through music. It was freeing and fulfilling. For me , I had to release this and open my hands to God when He said “I have more for you.”

Are you willing to allow me to be in control of your Worship of Me?

That is the adventure of these blogs.

Creatives in all ways become chained by fear, comparison, lies, subtle persecution in many ways where the gifts God gave them to release back to Him and others are stifled. The enemy doesn’t want freedom of worship. He is happy in dreary day to day joyless lives.

My blogs are the results of listening to God’s Heart.  They are the times His grace  floods over me when I don’t listen.  Enjoy stories where you can walk and breath  in a fictional adaptation of a bible story.   Taste and see the Lord is so good in all circumstances so your life can walk in His Joy.

Walk with me on this journey.  Worship the way God has called you. Create with everything that is inside of you. Continue to Dream.











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