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It is the day/or week after EASTER. NOW WHAT?

This is what it looked like on Monday morning after Easter Sunday. Not filled with beauty
and wonder. How did you greet your day?


I know it would be so nice to see flowers starting in their bloom, crocus in a gorgeous purple, and the sun streaking in the sky with fantastic colors.

Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah!

All of that is absolutely true. What happens, when the next day after Easter starts out icky? What happens when life seems to go back to the “same old same old” in the following days, the following weeks? The challenge of fasting is no longer drawing you into a gentle secret hiding place. Abstaining from those regular Netflix programs are no longer required and therefore finding that holy ground for prayer is now more elusive. There is not a regular meditation to feast upon for your daily bread.

MY good friend Tammy Morton brought up a question. We were discussing the final material from the Does God Really Love Me? series. In a few days we would experience Good Friday and then Celebrate Easter. We just spent the last 40 to 50 days fasting or abstaining from something, to connect with God. What were we going to do after Easter? Her question was:

What if instead of fasting from something, we fast to ‘in taking on a new behavior’?

Allow Jesus to open this brand new path in you. Jesus spent forty days visiting with the apostles and others after the Resurrection for a purpose. He wanted to go deeper, show them even more of who He was. Jesus used that time to speak truth to the ones open to see and hear. There were no boundaries to block Him. Jesus was no longer in the tomb. He was Alive.


We are a few days (or more) past Easter Sunday. We experienced the pain of His death and rejoiced in the reality of His Resurrection. Where is Jesus with you today? How is the fact that He is the Risen Savior affecting your creativity? Your life? What does it mean to no longer be bound by the lies of the enemy?

God keeps His promises.

What is the New Behavior God is drawing you to? As you go deeper in Him and draw closer to Him how will that bring out the person you are created to be? Discover that identity!

Is that what is next for you?