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Am I Insignificant?

Daily, we walk past what seems small and insignificant to achieve bigger goals. Possibly we see ourselves as small and insignificant with everyone else having a bigger place in the sun than we do. I walked past these itty bitty flowers while walking my dog, Ripley.


They had no aroma. Nothing cried out, begging me to  create a story with them. I was going to continue with the rest of my day walking through the plans I had laid out before me.

God had other plans. He saw the beauty in each small petal, because He created it. He knew the significance in the small, even though I was ready to pass right by.

God asked me to  make a choice. Decide yes or no to make an effort,  return with my Macro and work with these gems. I was asked  to create and share what He saw.

Are you willing to do the same thing with your own life? It takes an effort. There is a decision needed to be made to go forward. Making the choice is worth it.  In Jesus, no one is insignificant.
You are a dynamic story.
Share times where these decisions have called out to you in the comments if you wish. We are all on this journey together.


Walking Through the Door

At the end of July, I turn sixty-one!!!!.

For me that is a scary proposal. Walking through doors that have never been opened  before. Yes  at times, it causes  a bit of anxiety. ( Senior citizen labels come upon me as I can now qualify for certain discounts. My last child graduated from high school.  No turning back from this stage.) I have gone from working and  unmarried to married and working to married and being a stay at home mom. This final stage has lasted the last 18 years.  As I mentioned before, that job filled my life with ride-sharing to school, making lunches, co-coordinating school schedules for two students.  Helping memorize speeches for contests, going to basketball games etc.  Still being a part of my daughter’s life as she went to college here in Duluth and watching her graduate.  Now my son has graduated from high school and my daughter is in Sicily.

I am looking at my present story through a fog or mist asking a question: What do you want me to do now Lord?

I have days where the air is clear and mind has free direction. My days are basically empty of the aforementioned requirements so therefore I can fly to new heights of adventures.

Suddenly, I crash to the reality of barriers and questions that surround me. The free time can look as much as a fearful space to fill in a positive manner or an abundant gift and blessing .

IMG_2417IMG_2478Creativity and Worship
I am seeking the expression of “me”. I have been  surrounded in raising children for such a long time that this sudden freedom at my age, is internally and mentally challenging.  Ladies I know I am not the only one who experiences  searching a deeper expression of themselves and God in their walk.
I will go back to the previous question. What is causing the barrier for me?
FEAR~~~~~ Fear to step out and take risks. Fear to give myself permission to do what it takes to express and experience the depth, breadth and width of what it takes to walk through this door.
There are possibly some reasonable cautions that stop me at the door. My mind is not as quick. I am not driving as much as I use to so transportation is a challenge to overcome. Exciting adventures to others  have small but physical challenges to me. Not so much fun anymore.
When I was younger, looking the fool was not so terrible. I would laugh. Now it is hard for me to try new things in the fear of  failure.  Having grace for myself has somehow slipped away.
If I have trouble having grace for myself, will others have grace for me, or will I see disgust or worse —pity?  I am not that old.
My daughter Anna is receiving and giving a great life lesson. She is in Sicily working with an organization called OneHope /Cultivate.

Preconceptions she had concerning her ministry are getting revamped. Anna was willing to take a risk. From her risk taking and willingness to learn, others are receiving abundant gifts of love.  (https://acker197.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/weeks-three-four-muffins-details-conversations)
Am I willing to take the risks open to me now?
Fear rears its head to point out what I cannot do. Fear comes out to say I do not have the ability, money, mental capacity needed to explore the  creative ventures I want to pursue. It is beyond me. Give up.
After I am quiet,  and  tears are shed,  I listen to the still small voice in my head that calls to the deeper desire in my heart to express what is inside. I look to what can be done.

 Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

The days I walk in the mist are filled with tears. God does not leave me. His hand is always taking mine. At times we stand still and He just holds me because I do not know where to move.  That is OK. I smile at the patience He has with me.
The encouragement that I want to leave today is:  do not stop dreaming- take your medium. Release from the depths, the freedom of His life you have been given. Take classes and study to get better knowledge of your creative tools. Do not allow your fear to define you.  Do not allow the outside to put barriers on you. (age, fear, negativity, time, preconceptions ). Seek what God wants to say as He draws it out. Worship!!!
Join me in this process of exploration and discovery (writing, creating, photography, worship, being).


If you are at this stage of discovery, feel free to share a comment on how you have learned to walk through the door. If you can identify in any way,  express a piece of encouragement or post a question.   🙂
IMG_2420Bless Him. Keep Creating.











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Look in the Mirror You are a Gift

Last week brought beautiful sunrises to greet the day. When I need to get up at 6:10 AM in order to make sure my son is awake, has breakfast and ready to walk out the door for his ride at 7:10, the colors across the sky are a welcome gift.

Taking photos at close to the same time on two different days gives the weary winter soul hope that the days are getting longer. The sun is slightly higher in the sky only after a couple of days.  🙂


Early morning has its benefits.
Grey days with no sunshine did return.. Clouds returned.    One morning brought a different activity. I saw snowflakes dancing here and there coming down from the sky. Did you know  each flake is an individual creation? Beautiful and unique.

IMG_1258If God puts interest into making each white creation unique with a petite existence, can you imagine His delight when creating us? He pours himself into each and everyone of us individually.
In what is referred to as the  SERMON ON THE MOUNT ( Gospel of  Matthew) Jesus shares –“-Look at the wildflowers. They are here one day and gone tomorrow, cut up and thrown into the fire. God still cares for them because He created them.”  This is  sort of my paraphrase.
If God cares for the wildflowers, here today, gone tomorrow, or each unique snowflake that will melt after a temperature of 32 , degrees, think of the care and concern God DAILY puts into you. You reflect Him.

Look in the mirror. What do you see? When I look in the mirror and am caught up in a world of “me” and “me alone”. I see this:

That is looking through my own eyes. I do not look in the mirror being aware of God’s daily presence in and with me. Do you see similar characteristics?

What happens if you look in the mirror through the eyes of God’s presence surrounding you?
Do it again only through the eyes of this quote by Brother Lawrence:

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful than that of a continual conversation with God: those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it
Being aware of whom I am and I am a unique one of a kind gift He has created, causes me to seek His heart for that gift. Experience Him and share what I experience.  Not in a prideful know it all manner because it is not me. It is all because I am looking through His Eyes.
Seeking His heart causes me to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunrise mornings as His gifts. I capture them in photos.

IMG_1453 Seeking His heart causes me to see the wonder in a snowflake on a grey day, and realize each is a unique creation,.


IMG_1468IMG_1594Seeking His heart, His presence continually makes me want to know more about ways to dream, to create to express the wonder that He has made me with no limits. In the unique way He created me to share and worship Him.

It allows me to look again in the mirror and enjoy the gift of me.IMG_1571

Look in the mirror for yourself again. Thank God for the gift He created. Ask Him (with the help of the Holy Spirit) how you can pour that part of Himself into others. Enjoy Your Gift. Thank you for letting me share part of mine with you today.