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Why Don’t I Feel Better?

I am going to bring you into one of my thought processes. The day it self way quite delightful. The weather was great (for Duluth).



Gentle Breeze.

This made my walk an enjoyable part of my spiritual discipline as I prayed. After I returned home, I prepared a cup of coffee, got my book, journal and went to the deck. I was going to continue seeking God’s heart for mine. Sounds as though it is a time to soothe one’s soul.

Enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

Please don’t get the idea I am a “super Christian” with a great spiritual discipline all packed down and this post will give you hints as to how to begin your day all neat and tidy before you head off to your creativity. I want to bring you into more of who I am so you will understand my writing. (also don’t wait for the super Christian part. That is not happening. 🙂 )

Today, I am telling you the BEST PLANS do not always make the emotional facts. I am a TYPE Four on the Enneagram. I did not understand why my internals were not lining up with the externals. I did not feel as though everything was working together for good for me. ( even though I do love the Lord. Roman 8:28)

I was still contemplating the information I gathered from the Does God Really Love Me? series we just finished from Easter Sunday. ( I am His Adopted Child, I am Truly Loved, I am His Masterpiece, God actually enjoys Loving Me and spending time with me). I was searching His path and seeking His heart for me. What is next Papa? Looking to not from.

What is the around the bend?

You would think this wonder and depth and anticipation would bring an exciting way for me to greet the rest of that day. WRONG!!!

This is more of how I felt inside. There may be a path, but all I could see was blurry broken woods.

Even though all of these externals lined into what could have blossomed into a great day, I did not FEEL great.


Was I bad? Did I miss something? Was my walk with Jesus on a downward spiral after such a fantastic experience?

I can have strong emotional pulls. Life may seem very good when things are going in a nice direction. Not so hot when heading the other way. Even if nothing is really going wrong I may have emotions questioning my worth, creativity, am I even loved?. It is good to be aware when those turmoils start churning inside of me. My best response is not to deny them or shame myself in them. Rather, recognize they are there and go to God with them. The wonderful, accepting love of the Father will not judge, condemn or criticize those feelings. As I was honest with Him, I could receive His gentle love. My ears were open to hearing His words to me “I Understand”.

Creatives, spend time with God each day to get His perspective concerning you. The deeper you know Him, your eyes will know creativity in a deeper way. He knows you. He made you. God knows the best way to speak His heart through the art He has given you.


It was after I spent time being honest with God, in my feelings, my emptiness, my searching, with no expectations that I needed to respond in a certain way to receive His approval, I was able to go back to the bible verse and take in the whole blessing for me.

Sit, RECEIVE, REFLECT AND RESPOND (however your creative genre takes you) to this gift.

Romans 8:28
We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.

Taken from THE VOICE

God is protecting me and always walking with me? How do you feel?









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It is the day/or week after EASTER. NOW WHAT?

This is what it looked like on Monday morning after Easter Sunday. Not filled with beauty
and wonder. How did you greet your day?


I know it would be so nice to see flowers starting in their bloom, crocus in a gorgeous purple, and the sun streaking in the sky with fantastic colors.

Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah!

All of that is absolutely true. What happens, when the next day after Easter starts out icky? What happens when life seems to go back to the “same old same old” in the following days, the following weeks? The challenge of fasting is no longer drawing you into a gentle secret hiding place. Abstaining from those regular Netflix programs are no longer required and therefore finding that holy ground for prayer is now more elusive. There is not a regular meditation to feast upon for your daily bread.

MY good friend Tammy Morton brought up a question. We were discussing the final material from the Does God Really Love Me? series. In a few days we would experience Good Friday and then Celebrate Easter. We just spent the last 40 to 50 days fasting or abstaining from something, to connect with God. What were we going to do after Easter? Her question was:

What if instead of fasting from something, we fast to ‘in taking on a new behavior’?

Allow Jesus to open this brand new path in you. Jesus spent forty days visiting with the apostles and others after the Resurrection for a purpose. He wanted to go deeper, show them even more of who He was. Jesus used that time to speak truth to the ones open to see and hear. There were no boundaries to block Him. Jesus was no longer in the tomb. He was Alive.


We are a few days (or more) past Easter Sunday. We experienced the pain of His death and rejoiced in the reality of His Resurrection. Where is Jesus with you today? How is the fact that He is the Risen Savior affecting your creativity? Your life? What does it mean to no longer be bound by the lies of the enemy?

God keeps His promises.

What is the New Behavior God is drawing you to? As you go deeper in Him and draw closer to Him how will that bring out the person you are created to be? Discover that identity!

Is that what is next for you?









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How do I walk In the Free Gift of Forgiveness?

How easy is this to walk in after pain!

Left alone, her mind is shaken as well as her body! “What just happened?

She could not wrap her head around what just took place. The courtyard was now empty except for the regular business of the day.

She was not alone. The other Man was still tracing his finger in the dirt. She questioned the simple gentleness about Him. Recent events with another gentle looking man now cause her very heart to ache. How could she ever trust a man again? The Pharisee’s son gave her gentleness, but it was a lie. Is this the way of ALL MEN? LIFE!!!???

—–Craziness, uncertainty—-

Jesus stood. He cleaned the dirt from His hands for her sake, not because He would be touching her. He reached out His hand. He looked into her eyes with no malice or avarice. This was  more frightening than being grabbed and dragged into the town’s square. This man looked past her eyes and into her soul.

There was always the pain of shame. Now came a deeper pain

It was from the time spent with the Pharisee’s son.

She felt un-forgiveness toward him. His lies. His deceit.  His cowardice to protect her.

It was deeper rejection. This pain was new and frightfully disturbing. The multiple men using her had never really taken a portion of her heart.

The last one did. The pain riddling inside her body coursed its way through her veins. It was un- forgiveness. For the first time, she felt un-forgivness for herself. How many times had she allowed the purity of love to be stolen from her?  Or had she allowed it to be taken from her only to fill a void? Either way, she began to feel a deep angst toward herself and her life. Could she ever feel complete? Whole?! Free?!?

Jesus  did not leave her. He was the only man, the only person who had shown honest gentleness and true compassion. Everyone demanded something.  Even the son of the Pharisee was used her.

“What do you want?” she asked. Her voice was timid, although still needing to show a trace of defiance, a trace of control.

Jesus turned His head as if looking for something and smiled.

“Woman, where are they? Does no one condemn you?”

11 “No one, Master.”

                                                                                            John 8:10

Jesus knew the pain in her heart. Jesus knew all the ways she had been torn apart. Jesus knew she would be stuck in her torment forever looking at men as walking creatures to lie and cause pain if she did not quit sinning. To stop sinning and be released meant to forgive herself and all involved.

Jesus looked into her eyes as no one had ever looked before.

                  “Neither do I,” said Jesus. “Go on your way. From now on, don’t sin.”

John 8:11

This Man was offering her a gift. A free gift. No one had done that before. It was a gift more wondrous than the fine robes Solomon ever wore. She had a choice to say yes or no.  Once she said yes, it was a gift no one could ever take away from her. The warmth and balm  of this gift would release her from the pain and emptiness trying to suffocate her life. Not always easy, but never to be taken from her.


Do you hear His Voice whispering to you? Is He looking into you heart where no one else sees? Forgiveness is so hard. We are not on this path alone.

   The revelation of God is whole

   and pulls our lives together.

The signposts of God are clear

   and pulls our lives together.

The signposts of God are clear

   and point out the right road.

The life-maps of God are right,

   showing the way to joy.

The directions of God are plain

   and easy on the eyes.

   with a lifetime guarantee.

The decisions of God are accurate

   down to the nth degree.

                                                                                             MSG. 19 :7-9

That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, melting ice, scorching deserts,warming hearts to faith. – Psalm 19:6


The woman caught in adultery had been set free. Through the question put to her accusers, no one could throw a stone.

The conversation with THE MASTER  gave this woman a new lens to look at the world. Something will be there for a long time. Scars. Scars that no one will see. These scars will take more time to heal. These are the inner wounds that come from deep tragedies. Each time the woman looks at her reflection, even though she knows she is a new creation, it may take time for that reality to sink deep into each crevice of her being.  Each time she goes to get water from the well, hoping for conversations that includes her and she only receives dark stares, the question returns.   “ Did The Teacher Really say I was not condemned?”

The final few days of the Lenten Season and for many of my friends means the end of the DOES GOD REALLY LOVE ME? series. 1 will be upon us. Easter and New Life Celebration will begin.

The woman was given new life. We are have been given new life. It is not a flip switch change. It is a daily discovery of who we are and the Identity God has freed.

How is this being walked out in your creativity? Is your new identity a daily experience or at times a question mark? We are all on this journey together to help each other along. If you wish to share , leave a comment .or join my Facebook page for prayer and discussion. https://www.facebook.com/worshipcreatedream/

1Thank you Vineyard Church for the great meditation series this Lenten Season.

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God’s Word Vaults

¹That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset,Melting ice, scorching deserts,warming hearts to faith. – Psalm 19:6 MSG




During this present Lenten season, our church is going through a workbook series as a whole – DOES GOD REALLY LOVE YOU?¹ It is a very intense  walk giving us an opportunity to bring the Word of God into the reality  of  who we are. Can we embrace our true identity?  God is reaching out for intimacy with His children.

Can you answer this question in quiet peace? “Does God Even Like Me?”

When we read the scriptures, and we are quite mandatory about it, the accomplishment can become more of a “to do” activity.  Cross it off your list and get to the next activity for the day.  If you  read in that fashion, it is very difficult to answer the question “Does God Really Love Me”? because the only things brought away from the text are 1. what to do or 2. what not to do.

 Do you remember a time you even read the bible to gain an intimate connection to His love being offered? Was there a sweet aroma, a gentle touch of His acceptance.?

This is a two part fictional adaptation of the WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY (John 8 1-11) Read slowly. What character attracts you the most? The woman? An observer? An accuser?

The night  was calm and  sweet. Peacefully lying in the strong arms of a man who showed her tenderness, she felt safe. This man seemed — different.   Not like others before with their ugly breath, horrid eyes and single desire.

She longed to be delivered from the gross life previously surrounding her nights. Days no longer existed. Sunlight brought no joy. Shame labelled all  her clothing.

This man came to her secretly, but gently. The past few nights brought a delightful-sens.  Could he actually feel something for her? Did she have more purpose than that of a woman’s body?

                                       Restful sleep came upon her.


 Without warning, temple guards crashed into the house. Sun’s rays peeled through the window. Fear consumed her body although she felt he would be near for protection.   She reached over to feel the mat’s other side.

It was empty!

With anxious questions, she thought,   “ Why are the sheets disheveled and the bed  still warm? He was just here.  Where was he?”

Looking around,  no one was in sight to stand between her and these angry, hateful men.

Instinctively she grabbed the bedclothes as she was yanked from the room. In pain and disillusionment, tears running down her cheeks, she faced the self-righteous crowd in the courtyard.

The  hideous mockery swirled in rude contrast to the peaceful quiet night she just experienced. Inside she hoped her lover would still come to her rescue. Glaring rays from the sun. Noise. Confusion.

“Surely he won’t allow the legal punishment to be carried out against me.”

Clutching the sheets  to cover her shame, she was dropped  before the temple leaders. In the mental, emotional, turmoil, she could make out the out the forms of two men.  Her life would be changed forever by the  actions of each.

One of the two men standing in the crowd she recognized from last night.   Will he speak up in her defense? Will he express concern? Will he show the tender care his words and actions gave in the evenings before.? Their eyes met. He quickly turned away.

The chaotic noise  from the crowd slowly faded away.  More agony gripped her as she realized the man who turned his gaze was the son of the Pharisee Leader. Standing next to her loudest accuser was the one she had given her very soul the nights before.

“Please God,  “ she cried silently to heaven, ” if You exist, may the first rock finish me.  The pain in my heart has killed me already. “

“What is taking so long?  Waiting for the discussion is far  worse than the sentence itself.”


4“Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women.Now what do you say?”

                                                                                                    John 8:4 NIV

Who was  this other man?  His eyes were kind. His face was gentle. There was truth all around Him.  He stood and looked at her so differently than any other  man.

“This Teacher can’t come closer to me. He knows what I am. He will become unclean.   Who is He?”

Bending over very quietly, He scribbled in the sand.

The Pharisees continued their pestering questions.  On and On!!  Finally the Man stopped His scribbling. Without anger or malice, He stood up and proposed a simple statement:

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”

                                                                                                     John 8:7 NIV

He returned to the ground and his scribbling.

The seconds felt like hours as she shook beneath her cloth protection, waiting for the first rock. The only sounds were the swish of His finger on the sand and the heavy breathing of men.


Rocks were slowly falling around her. Feet shuffled  away.

Angrily looking around, the Chief Pharisee  watched  the rest of the accusers shake their heads and drop rocks.  Grabbing his robe to keep his cleanliness intact,  the loudest accuser turned to leave the scene. With an angry grunt, and eyes blazing, he demanded his son to follow.

The young man responded. As his eyes met hers, there was no love, no concern, no care. Just a look. Hearing another urgent word  from his father, the son walked.

Left alone, she couldn’t comprehend what took  place?

End  of part one!


Do you walk through life in fear and loneliness with the conclusion EVERYONE is out to get you?  This woman’s life was in constant fear. Her life was crippled by the choices she made. Looked for love in all the wrong places. Even when thinking she found it, it was not “well formed love




There is no room 2


God’s love does not work in that fashion.

That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, Melting ice, scorching deserts,warming hearts to faith. – Psalm 19:6












1 Reference is to book used by Duluth Vineyard Church https://www.facebook.com/theduluthvineyardchurch/ (Does God Really Love Me?) Vineyard Resourses 2016.