Worship, Create, Dream

Be free to Worship God. Create with abandonement because He is the Creator. Let's discover our Dreams together.




In recent posts I have  challenged your creativity?

These were three posts posing the question: WHY CREATE?

in the first place?

As you read the blogs, I hope more than one issue came to mind. Two  definitions of “ to create” as per the dictionary are as follows:

  1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

            2. to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.


Now comes another step in your creative process.


I put these next queries to  free your inner being so you can create from a deeper level. They are not to be taken lightly or answered quickly. They may sound similar to a previous post, if you have read earlier posts. If you are brand new to this page, then it will be a first approach. Either way, please allow yourself to  dwell upon each question and actually write your answers downs as they come.

  • Who are you creating for? (Maybe the proper grammar should be: for whom are you creating?)
  • What are you creating for?
  • Did God put a cause in your heart at one time but you did not know how creativity and art could connect? (Righteousness, trafficking, church planting, abuse, art and faith?)
  • Is justice for a certain group of people crying out to be heard, but can you  express what you hear through art? Your intent is not to anger, but to challenge.
  • You know God calls us to serve, but creating is your passion. How can You express Your heart through the passion God has given you and serve at the same time?
  • Time?!?!?! Do you search out time to spend with God? Do you seek His heart for the the inspiration to create? Do you listen to express as He calls you to create? Is there obedience to His voice in life and art?IMG_2677

As artists, we draw out truth, we live truth. That is where we have the freedom to create. As artists with a relationship with Jesus,  we are able to not only have an honest, intimate connection with Jesus; we can express that relationship through our art in truth. We are also called to serve. We are able to take this reality to a world defined by another signature. The world needs to know a deeper truth. Art that touches the soul, and is lived out by the artist speaks volumes.  Jpeg

This will not come automatically.

  • Knowing who you are IN HIM will bring you a freedom to create.
  • Developing the creativity He has called you into will bring you a freedom to create.
  • Living in a community that loves supports and pursues the Heart of God can bring you freedom to create.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection or what is happening in the world. This may open a door to your freedom to create.



We are given the FREEDOM TO CREATE.Be free to worship as you were created

You are welcome to share your challenges or your thoughts on how creativity/art can positively affect bringing the reality of Jesus to a world in turmoil.  This is a page to encourage the artists in their spiritual walk (contemplation and meditation).









2 thoughts on “FREEDOM TO CREATE

  1. Lately my creativity has been playing with mud on the walls of my kitchen. Lost my mind? Maybe. We are spackeling, leveling the walls with wallboard mud, then we get to paint. On walls! Lol! Norma

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