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God Cares For Me

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1 Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. – Bible Gateway NIV

Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you.


Last week, I shared how clutter can choke the very life from  following your mission. There is no walking forward. You just stand still,  looking around. You may DO  the activities expected, but life feels a bit off.

The chaos of life  has been pulling me every which way. The challenges  from church,  leading a small group, dealing with my own inner stuff  has been  making me feel a bit off. I had a talk with my small group mentor concerning a few of these matters. When all was said and done about my group,  I let him know I was

“feeling a bit off”.

A rather obvious question came from Mike,” why do you think that is”?

Obvious perhaps, but not the response  I wanted to hear. I wanted a clear direction. I wanted a bright path. I didn’t want to figure this on my own.

Do you ever come to God that way with a situation? You wish the answer could be something easy to just check off.  Something clear even though it may not be really easy.

I knew all the regular “shoulds” I was suppose to do to keep my life in check.  I still look at my life through the  ” Good Girl” lens at times. You know if you do all the normal things correctly, life should go right, RIGHT?   (http://emilypfreeman.com/the-books/grace-for-the-good-girl/

  • Read Bible  √
  • Quiet Time √
  • Time with spouse  √
  • Writing  √

Before my time was finished,  we prayed, asking God to reveal why I was feeling off and to release me in His peace.  I received His Gift that night. As I share what I received, I hope it will shine a light in dark areas you may be feeling a bit off.

Take your tension filled body and sit down with a cup of hot tea or cappuccino.  Allow the sweet aroma to relax you.

Open your soul, free  your spirit. Walk in the reality of a hand reaching out to take yours. The hustle and bustle, the clutter and demands, even the desire to make everything just right will make us miss the  intense joy being offered . Let it go.

I received the gift while watching the movie – THE NATIVITY STORY.

img_3800 If you are unfamiliar with this story, it is a fictionalized adaptation of Mary and Joseph, the young Jewish couple called by God to bring His Son into the world.

Nothing is regal, exceptional, or memorable in their early lives. Joseph is trained to be a simple carpenter. Mary is trained to be a simple Jewish mother. No prophetic word spoken over them as children. They  each said Yes to God’s.to be the earthly parents of God’s Son.  They were to bring His Story into the World.

The wonder came when I watched  Joseph’s response as he brought the baby into the world. In a relatively quiet stable  except for the normal noise and smells from the  animals being the only  attendants, the Savior of the World enters our world.

Joseph wept with joy at the sight of this new born baby. He laughed in excitement. He wept with elation and humility at the Baby King laying  in his arms. It was beyond his imagination to believe he was been chosen to care for and raise the Messiah. He felt inadequate yet open to whatever God would ask him.

Tears ran down my cheek  as this scene was played out in the movie. I wept silently as Joseph wept , holding  the baby Jesus.

God came to earth as a baby. He entrusted HIS STORY into the arms of simple people.

I cried because I knew the same thing is happening today.   When Jesus returned to the Father,  He entrusted HIS STORY into the arms of simple people. First it was to His simple followers. Uneducated men and women who said YES to share  His life giving story.

In our simplicity, we  are given the opportunity to carry, to share the exact same story. The Messiah has come! As  we are willing to listen, as we are willing to say yes to  necessary risks and  take His Hand, intimacy with the Creator of the Universe is now our story to walk in, to carry, to share  and live out.IMG_0806

I believe I was off because I was not  walking in THE STORY, HIS STORY.

I discovered a  difference between  “Doing the Things of the Story” and “Living in the Story”.  The first one  was going through life doing the good things.  My life became a series of check off lists to make sure I was in the right place. The other is “Living in the Story”  as I  continue to develop in the  relationship with God.  This life takes risks, makes mistakes and does not get it right  all the time, but I am  looking to truly live in His story as  I seek His Face.img_3823

What is God saying about you right now?  What is He saying to you right now.? How are you invited to say Yes to walk in His Story either for the first time or in a deeper intimate way?

2017 can be a wonderful call to a new adventure. Walk in His Story

So be content with who you are, and don’t put on airs. God’s strong hand is on you; he’ll promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you.

1 Peter 5:7 MSG

Share your dreams and challenges. We are all on this walk together.

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