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Release From Fear

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. The weather brought sudden changes.   Beautiful colorful  leaf filled autumn branches  to barren empty trees and pre- winter brown.  Cold , brisk , sometimes even dark, without the tingle of dancing snowflakes.

Beautiful Tree.





Dark Branches



I am experiencing a completely opposite inner transformation. To get this  picture , go to  a few of my previous blog posts.    Fear ran rampant everywhere inside my being. I kept asking permission to  “be”. Be what? Be a writer, be a photographer, be a fun person,  to be a communicator who is free in expressing God’s Heart. Be Me.

The  life filled colorful leaves on this tree had  fallen.  The tree  began to shrivel and withdraw  into a square box hidden from everyone. Even me.


              I am caught in a box


Correct time to open the box. Correct time to open the door.




Fear controlled  my brain.  I feared  I could  not retain technical information. This eliminated the  pursuit of taking  classes on writing and photography.  Fear of rejection limited  what or how I might share something. Fear stopped me from  pursuing deeper expressions of creativity.  Layers upon Layers were placed on this original MASTERPIECE of me.  I received them. Instead of taking the blessings God  offered to enhance the Masterpiece, I took junk. I still served my King.   It was filtering through  many layers before coming to the surface.

My heart seemed to be slowly shriveling. I cried out:  Help

I will never leave you nor forsake you. (Joshua 1 4-6)     

God promised to take care of Joshua during his time of fear and desperation.  God gave this same promise to me. God knew the deepest desire of my heart. He would not leave this Masterpiece in the box.


1.to quit or leave entirely; abandon; desert:

 2.to give up or renounce

IMG_2966[1]The original prayer need  expressed that special night was for  people who had come to a crossroads in their lives and wanted help. After I prayed for a few people God told  me “this word is for you”.

God saw the Tiny Box my heart was trapped in. It was time.

Satan used lies from the past many years constructing  the  mirror I kept holding.  He used abuse to color my value. He used  deceit and twisted information concerning my worth or how I could serve God.



Freedom started in prayer. God  literally exposed lies I had taken on. Lies I accepted and lived under.  EXPOSING LIES!!!!!  That was the beginning.  Fear laced many past decisions, (good, bad, acceptance, rejection, etc).

That night I was released from deep seeded fears directing portions of  my life. In Jesus I said “NO MORE”!

Hard jubilant long laughter was the response in this freedom.   The Masterpiece desiring to express all that was within with no holds came out of her box. I could breathe. It was a day and night experience.

This step had to take place before the next two. God’s timing is perfect.

Step two  and step three will be explored in following blogs.

Please take time to focus  on  your soul. Are you totally released to express the Masterpiece God created you to be in  Jesus? No boundaries?

I am outside of the box looking at choices and who is in control in a different light.

Fear is not the controller of my heart or how I see myself. I can take issues such as:

1.-will you like my post, 2.  will I accidentally post a blurry photograph, 3.can I really express my worship this way, 4. the angst before going to the dentist, 5. driving at night, 6.  comparing my writing, 7. will you understand me, 7. my life,

very realistically to the one Who loves me, Who frees me, Who sees me, Who lovingly directs me. I can grab the words given to friends long ago and to us now.




(footnote: I would like to share my extreme appreciation to the birthplace in writing about MASTERPIECE. One is the book THE ARTISAN SOUL, by  Erwin McManus. I highly recommend it. It speaks deeper than your outer creative  expression. It speaks to the creativity of your very being.  The other is a warm thanks to Tammy Morton. A bold woman, willing to share her story during a CREATIVITY IN THE KINGDOM conference held at our church.  It was through her testimony, God opened my eyes to the gray layers I was giving permission to cover His Masterpiece of Me.  )