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Weeks Three & Four| Muffins, Details & Conversations

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I appreciate my daughter’s strength, adventurous spirit and trust in allowing God to take her into what He sees for her. Please allow her experiences to sink in to meet the needs you have.

Musings of a Wayward Traveler

|ACT 1|

There are certain things that you absolutely do not do while in Sicily. The first, is to lump all Italians into one big group. Sicilians are very prideful of where they are from, & quick to remind that “Sicilians do things this way” or “Sicilians say things this way”. It makes for a bit of confusion when you realize you’ve been saying words in “Italian” but not “Sicilian”.

The second, is to refuse food. If you are in Italy, & you say, Io pieno, meaning I’m full |Or probably I full, because I can’t quite get the grammer down yet| the Sicilians will give you a shocked & worried look, immediately ask if you feel ok, or if there is something else they can make/cook/buy for you. That being said, there is very rarely a time when I actually say “Io pieno”, because the food is…

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