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Late one morning last week, I was filled with a variety of conflicting thoughts. One being this sentence: I don’t feel like writing. You may think.” If you don’t feel like writing, don’t write.” The challenge with that statement is; I am a writer. Just because I don’t feel like doing something, does that mean don’t do it?

This deals with my writing. This deals with my life.


We entered Judge Magney State Park. I saw a One Mile Marker stating the distance to Devil’s Kettle Falls. We had our water bottles. We sprayed ourselves completely to ward all little buggies from causing this excursion to become overly challenging. Our family was ready to enjoy God’s scenery and beauty that waited us.

Not far into the walk, still filled with energy, crossing a metal bridge we met a couple on their return adventure from the falls. They might have been close to the same age as Pete and  myself.  Looking at their red faces and the sweat dripping from their brow gave me  red flags about this little joy trek of ours. They looked as if they had competed in a marathon. I believe they must have overheard my comment about it not being a difficult  walk,” just a mile”.  The couple looked at me, shook their head as if to say it will be harder than you think.    HMMMM???
The beginning of the walk was enjoyable. The trail was beautiful with trees on both sides reaching to the sky. The  water from the river quickly rushing over the rocks toward the lake. Our goal was to reach the falls, so we did not stop even for photos.


Wooden stairs to accommodate the rapid decline did not appear until we had walked for awhile into the park. The descent  using 177 to 200 wooden steps began.  Not all at once of course. Fairly straight, patted down dirt trails were between each stair set. Just when I thought there could not be another set of stairs, the path disappeared exposing another set of downward stairs.

The bug spray stopped working.

“I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT” was running through every part of my body. There was nothing in me calling out to say- this is fun. My kids were having a blast running with energy coming from a magical inner being.
Then I heard it. The crashing, the booming, thunderous roar. With camera in tow, I kept moving.  I still did not feel like it.  There now became a reason to continue on this endeavor. Not a total inner draw as a runner has to finish a race. Nor  the outward push from an instructor that says you must practice to improve skills and techniques. Possibly it was a combination of both to just to follow through.
I could not see the falls yet, but this horrific trail causing pain with each step finally lead me to the goal.




Covering my camera from the sprays as much as I could, I delighted in what I was able to capture.


Upon turning away from the falls, the first vision is a long set of stairs. For me this was not comforting.


I looked down and captured these beautiful flowers. They survived in the rock.


I survived the return climb.
Responding when you “don’t feel like it”? I absolutely did not feel like completing the walk. To finish the trek to Devil’s Kettles Falls or the return one to the entrance of the park knowing  the 177 to 200 steps would be up hill. :(.  If I would have stopped before reaching the falls, I would not have captured   the water dancing and bouncing  from rock to rock. Not returning because I did not feel like it sounds ridiculous. How many times do we just fall short of something that needs to be finished just because we did not feel like it?

Will I choose not to write today  just because it is hard or I don’t feel like it? If so, how long will the characters and plot for my story stay in limbo as a result of that decision?

What will you do when the unique enjoyment which initially started any endeavor in life: writing, painting, creating. is not pushing from inside?  How will the choice toward obtaining your goal and becoming the person God is calling you  be made if an “I don’t feel like it” is dancing all over inside of you directing your actions.

Be realistic. What is holding you back? Make a plan if you need to. Who is in charge of reaching your goal?  Keep taking the steps one at a time. The results in the end will make you smile.



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