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Be Released

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I went to a fantastic mind expanding “all I can say is WOW” worship conference. The title was: “Creativity in the Kingdom” . This conference challenged attendees to their very core as to the limitations being put on them to not freely express their creativity. Various interesting workshops from WORSHIP THROUGH THE LENS”  to INSPIRED INTERIOR DESIGN”  opened doors to people to walk through if they dared to take the chance and face fears.

As a result of the conference, I have a question to propose to you.
Is there a picture inside so wonderful you just cannot stand having it stay where it is sitting? Do you capture the tree in a certain motion through your eyes when you look outside or when going on a walk?

This was supposed to  be a picture with trees...

trees with lake

Are you ready to explode with the ecstasy you experience inside? There is something that says I WANT TO CAPTURE THAT, I NEED TO CAPTURE THAT! What is happening inside is not only the need to capture what you see; you need to create.
When I say capture, I do not mean capture as in put in a box. PAINT, SAVE IN A DRAWING, PHOTOGRAPH, WRITE A STORY CONCERNING WHAT YOU SEE.
Creatives take in, take in, take in. Eventually the need comes to release what has been taken in.

Creatives take in God’s beauty and see the world through a different lens. Not better, nor worse than others.  Just different.

A question proposed at the conference was : What keeps the creative from pursuing the intense drive pulling on them from creating what is seen, what is felt?  Fear, insecurity, comparing, perfectionism? Fear rears its ugly head in a variety of different forms. These forms can be quite obvious.  They can also be almost translucent as a second layer of skin that we put on; not realizing these lies are vicious and destructive.

What lies have you taken on?

1. I really have no talent because everyone else is better than I am.

2. I have no training in this area, so I am no good at it.

3. No one in my family was a writer, (or a photographer, or an artist).

4. When I get excited about my creativity, everyone thinks I am weird, so it is easier to keep quiet.

5. I am too old to start on this type of venture now. Stick to what I am use to.

6. I am too slow and do not understand the techno ideas about a computer so it can be difficult to write or take pictures.

7. I am wasting my time on such a frivolous activity.

8.  Nobody wants what I have to give.

These are a small ( just a small) portion of the LIES that creatives encounter in the fight. It is a battle. Why? Because we have been given a gift that God wants us to share. Darkness wants to cover it.
A specific lie that will impede the beauty a person has to share is comparing.  “Since mine is not as good as … why should I even create? No one needs my writing, or will benefit from my photography so why try?

In comparing, I limit the tools I am given to create.
The world does not need another C.S. Lewis. (although his writing is fantastic ) The world does not need another Michelangelo ( his art is great and the world benefits from it. The world has benefited from the beauty of Ansel Adams photography, but it does not need another.


It is not about becoming famous. It is about sharing outwardly in some form what is coming in.
A disservice is done to God when not pursuing the writing and photography in what I alone can do.  I am doing myself a disservice if I don’t throw off the blanket of lies to express what I am taking in.
What lies have been spoken over you? What false skin have you taken as your own that God did not place over you?  Use the YOU that He has given to create. YOU AND I need to express  the wonder and depth of our Creator and His Majesty though OUR unique walk with Him.   There are specific individualistic eyes, hands, mouths, voices that each creative has been given to express. Each one of us has special tools.


Be Released.  dancing waters


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