Worship, Create, Dream

Be free to Worship God. Create with abandonement because He is the Creator. Let's discover our Dreams together.

Come Worship Create and Dream with me


Blessed be the name of the Lord and please help me.  🙂 I am really excited to start this next step in my creative journey Does everyone start their first blogs out that way? Sorry about the blah-ness.

I could ask all of your to read my blogs, but that is what everyone else does too, so I will just cut to the chase.

Life is too short not to explore. Explore What?

Madeliene L’Engle wrote a book entitled  “Walking On Water” , Questions came to her such as when was the” writing thing” going to stop being a hobby? It was never a hobby for her. I was quite excited to read that.  When I get hit with “why are you doing this?”(writing) or shouldn’t you be spending your time in a more productive manner,  (even if I am the one asking the question) I believe I have permission to respond in the same way as Ms. L’Engle did. It is not a hobby.

These posts may head down the path to give myself (and others)permission to express what is inside. I am not ancient, but this year was an interesting age marker.  I hit the senior citizen category. Oh My Goodness.  My children are not in need of a stay at home mother. ( One is a graduate from college and the other is in his last year of high school). Choices have been made so that I did not go to work outside of the home. We have one car. Transportation is limited.   When the question is asked “What do you do?” my eyes make an upward look to the ceiling as though trying to figure that out. I am busy, but with what?

I have discovered that at 60 (yes after two months I am beginning to try to at least type it out), I am a writer. I am taking every opportunity to be creative on paper and screen. I enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. I have a camera that takes wonderful photos.. Open the doors with me. I will share with You what I receive from God and life.

Together we will Worship, Create and Dream. The Heavens Declare (2)


2 thoughts on “Come Worship Create and Dream with me

  1. well done , I was 6o plus when I began my on line adventure here with the encouragement of one of my boys who knew I love to write and was looking forward to having my own book published one day in the near future and so I really encourage you to stay delivering the message you do and know that nothing is wasted by God even if folks think it is , loved to hear your story 🙂 keep up the good work, there are many who will treasure your words even if they don’t leave a reply – God knows who will call by in a time of need and be ever so blessed.


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